Niner Bikes: Outdoor Studio

These are a collection of images pulled from over a dozen outdoor photo shoots with various Niner bikes, including just about every bike in their lineup: WFO, SIR, JET, RLT, RLT e9, WFO e9, MCR, RIP, and more. The concept for these is to emulate an “outdoor studio” and create a highly polished set of images for a bike model, while also depicting the bike in its natural environment. Where as the actual studio images are great for catalog, editorial, and e-commerce use—these outdoor images really shine for press releases, advertising, website hero images, and other areas where an impactful product image is needed.

In a technique I helped pioneer over a decade ago in the bike industry, I employ studio lighting to help darken the background and make the product pop in the environment. Location scouting and weather are crucial—wind, rain, and even the direction of the sun can complicate things.

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