Editor’s Choice

It’s always fun to see your images published in popular places. The Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail bike won Editor’s Choice in the popular mountain biking magazine, Dirt Rag. This happens to be my photo AND my personal bike, photographed in my studio! It was published in Dirt Rag in 2015.

Before & After: Real Estate Photo

My biggest competition in the real estate photography market are the agents themselves, or the sub-$200 “speed shooters”. These speed shooters blow throw a property fast because they have to hit several houses in one day. They often don’t use tripods, and any lighting beyond an on-camera flash is non-existent. I recently had a client that had previously hired another photographer to shoot the home’s interior. In this hot real estate market, that MLS listing netted them three (3!) showings in over a month on the market. The seller hired a new agent, who immediately came to me to reshoot the property. The photo comparison below says it all. Which photo set would you want representing your property?

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