remake the oldies?

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with the thought of how to handle past images as I continue to shoot and process new photos.

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iOS 5 gui.

For all you mobile designers out there, I just found this nifty Photoshop file that lays out all of the iOS 5 user interface elements. I bet this would come in handy for mocking up your next project.

Head over to OS X Daily to download the PSD

pick two.

I’ve always loved the “pick any two” philosophy that can be applied to almost anything in life. In mountain biking gear, it’s lightweight, cheap, durable… pick two. For design, I stumbled upon this graphic a while back (I can’t remember where). Happy Monday!


Blais Hunter forwarded me this post from Think Vitamin and it got me pretty fired up and inspired this morning. Apparently, Mike Kus redesigned Innocent Drinks website, without their knowledge, as example in how companies should let the brand personality breathe (after they saw it, Innocent contacted him for a possible creative relationship).

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design is design.

I was just writing back to a potential client and wanted to get your feedback. Piggybacking on my previous post about freelance job posting sites (sad state of affairs), I got onto a tangent about how clients often request portfolio samples of designs within their exact industry or design category (like real estate company requiring designers submit examples of other real estate web design work they’ve done or barring them from bidding). I see this all the time.

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sad state of affairs.

I have been trolling the various online design job boards lately, and wow, what an unfortunate mess they are. and in particular just seem to be dragging down the entire design community. Granted, there are hundreds of jobs listed on both sites. The problem is the quality of the design jobs and the quality of the “designers” on them. It appears that 90% of these jobs are extremely low budget projects (well under $500) spawned by folks who have no experience in sourcing creative work (or its worth). There was one project in particular I happened to catch…

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clients from hell.

“We would like it if every web page on our new site had an option to download as a PowerPoint, so users can read the page on their computer.”

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her morning elegance.

I’ve posted this on Facebook as well, but in case you miss it, you absolutely must check out this music video. Comprised of 2,096 still frames shot in only two days.

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