Blais Hunter forwarded me this post from Think Vitamin and it got me pretty fired up and inspired this morning. Apparently, Mike Kus redesigned Innocent Drinks website, without their knowledge, as example in how companies should let the brand personality breathe (after they saw it, Innocent contacted him for a possible creative relationship). I didn’t find the old site terrible or even a really good example of a sterile brand representation. I think he found a brand that had a lot of creative freedom and knocked it out of the park on a redesign. The site he designed is loads more unique, more engaging, and a definite improvement, but I’m not sure it’s great before/after of a brand personality improvement. In any case, his capture of redesign via a sped up video, and the resulting design is simply amazing. Really great design work. I’m inspired by his style.

Side note, Mike Kus has some really great work on his site. I like how you can really see his style. This could have a negative effect of making his work look stale and too similar all the time, I think he rides that line well.

Original site:

Mike Wus’ Redesign:


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