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from me to you.

I stumbled upon one of the coolest photography styles I think I’ve ever seen this morning (via PetaPixel).

Photographer Jamie Beck has a beautiful series of images that she calls “cinemagraphs“. They’re animated GIFs in which only a small piece each photograph is animated, making them a neat fusion of still and moving images. It’s amazing how much a tiny bit of movement in a still photo can do. They’re almost like the moving pictures you see in Harry Potter!

These are simply amazing! I need to study them a bit more to figure out exactly how they were done, but it looks like maybe she has a fast shooting camera (10fps) and then loops and reverses the motion sequence until it forms a seamless loop. The one with the man sitting on the bench reading the newspaper is one of the more powerful examples. She may have shot that man reading in that scene when there weren’t people passing by, and then used a still of a bunch of people in the same scene at the right moment to juxtapose the still versus the motion. Fantastically creative!

Busy day in Manhattan… but there’s always time for the paper.

The morning light

See more of Jamie’s work here. All images copyright Jamie Beck.

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  1. Betsy

    The ones on her website are amazing, too. I love the brownie one. What a cool technique.


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