DIY Monitor Hood

I’m loving this monitor hood I made for my 30″ NEC screen. I should have done this years ago!

All I did was take some simple measurements of the monitor’s height and width, and factored in a rough guesstimate of how deep I wanted the hood. I took a couple of pieces of white foamcore board I had lying around, transferred the measurements down with a ruler and pencil, and cut out the top and two side pieces with a utility knife. I used a super basic method of taping the pieces together with black gaffers tape, testing the fit on my monitor, then I spray painted the whole thing flat black. If you use black foamcore, you can skip the painting. Then I just used a couple more pieces of gaffers tape to secure the hood to the monitor. No permanent modifications to the monitor and it cost me almost nothing except a few hours work!

Making of monitor hood

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