Defender Series #1 - 1,250,000+ views.

Commuter Series #1 - 500,000 views.

Commuter Series #2 - 250,000 views.

Impact Series #1 - 250,000+ views.

Impact Series #2 - 100,000+ views.

Reflex Series - 175,000+ views.

Defender Series #2 - 150,000+ views.

OtterBox Phantom

Client: OtterBox
Project: High-speed product demo videos
Involvement: Concept development, creative direction, photography, processing/grading, equipment operation

This series of videos shot for OtterBox was designed to give the consumer an everyday look at how that product can protect their device. The scenes were created by myself and others on the OtterBox creative team. We used real customer testimonials as the basis for scene, which run at the beginning of each clip. I chose to rent the Phantom v640 high speed camera which allows recording full 1080p at 2,700 fps. I operated the camera and directed the photography/videography of each scene and location. The massive amount of footage shot resulted in almost 1 terabyte of raw files. The Video Producer at OtterBox then worked to cut and splice all the clips together with my direction. I then pulled over the files and did all the color grading. We did a final tune of the cuts, added an intro, outro and music. All of the filming was completed in 5 days, with production taking another week. The videos initially ran on 60″ monitors at OtterBox’s two tradeshow booths at the mammoth Consumer Electronics Show (CES). They were later added to YouTube and are shown nationwide in carrier and indirect stores, presentations, etc. As of this writing, the videos collectively have almost 3,000,000 views on YouTube alone.