clients from hell.

“We would like it if every web page on our new site had an option to download as a PowerPoint, so users can read the page on their computer.”

I just stumbled upon this page and it definitely brightened my morning. The concept… as creatives, we work with a lot of terrible clients, these are their stories. If you find yourself having said some of the things on this page, we should probably have a frank discussion on the creative process and why we don’t work for free. :)

View more at: Clients From Hell

“The website is looking a little flat. Could you please add some more computer treatments to it?”

CLIENT: “Why is the photo grainy? It looks terrible on your flyer.”

ME: ”You sent me a zoomed in photo of the hamburger using the camera on your BlackBerry. They’re 3 mpx at the most.”

CLIENT: ”Not sure what mpx is, but if it’s like mph, then the photo wasn’t moving. The burger was on a plate. On a table. Not moving.”

“Well since I have your sketches, can’t I just use that as the logo? I don’t want to pay anymore when I can just scan this in and have my son change the colors on the computer..”


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