Hello! My Name Is..

JMV Digital was founded by me, Justin VanAlstyne, in 1999 as a bumbling freshman at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I picked up my father’s Minolta X-700 film camera at around 15 years old, and started working at a camera shop before leaving for college. Working at a camera shop put my photo thirst into overdrive. It wasn’t long before I was coming home with borrowed 1980’s mirror “cat eye” telephoto lens, twin-lens reflex cameras, tripods, a slide projector, and film by the brick.

Fast forward 20 years… I moved everything out to Fort Collins, Colorado and have gathered experience and an expanding client list encompassing Fortune 500 companies, down to local startups. A great deal of my work during this time was print and web design. This distracted me from putting all of my effort into my passion of full-time professional photography. However, the experience of working on trade shows booth design, magazine ads, retail packaging design, branding and logo creation, video productions, etc. has given me a unique perspective in working on photographic projects.

I have been in the trenches as a creative director, graphic designer, retoucher, production artist, web developer, packaging designer, illustrator, videographer AND photographer. Because of this, I have a very good understanding of the restrictions, potential problems, requirements, and desires you may have for your photo or video project.