Technical perfection mixed with the chaos of creativity.

Hi! I’m Justin and I’m a commercial product photographer and designer specializing in the outdoor industry.

Commercial product photography tends to be highly technical; requiring complex lighting setups, perspective control, problem solving, and attention to detail. It’s one of the main reasons I love it so much!

I have an arsenal of studio equipment and lighting on-hand for just about any scenario. And for those times when we need to shoot on-location… battery packs for the strobes and even a cadre of speedlights. I’ve done shoots on a dirt trail 20 miles from civilization, in a working manufacturing shop, and in a hotel conference room.

Whether it’s a design or a photo project, I have a full roster of  specialists that I collaborate with… including stylists, makeup, illustrators, copy writers, web developers, social media/PR specialists, and more.

I don’t try to compete with expensive large agencies, nor do I want to compete with the guy always willing to work for half my cost. I’m proud of the time and quality I embed in a project and prefer to use my experience, capability, and vision to create high-end results for a reasonable cost.

JMV Digital was founded by me, Justin VanAlstyne, in 1999 as a bumbling freshman in college. I was freelancing and pulling in the odd local graphic design project. I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where I got a BS in Imaging and Photographic Technology. I took all sorts of courses from nature photography, studio still-life, dark room techniques to the physiology of human color vision.

Back in high school, I had picked up my father’s Minolta X-700 film camera when I was around 15 years old. He only had one lens: a 50mm manual focus. I loved figuring out how the camera worked, learning the fundamentals of photography, and trying my hand at composition. I even read the manual! It was a lot harder to experiment back then though. You didn’t exactly have an endless supply of film, or the expensive processing that went with it.

I remedied that situation, however, by working at a camera shop in the two years before leaving for RIT. Working at a camera shop put my photo thirst into overdrive. It wasn’t long before I was coming home with borrowed 1980’s mirror “cat eye” telephoto lens, twin-lens reflex cameras, tripods, a slide projector, and film by the brick.

Fast forward 20 years… I moved everything out to Fort Collins, Colorado and have gathered experience and an expanding client list encompassing Fortune 500 companies, down to local startups. A great deal of my work during that time was print and web design. This prevented me from putting all of my effort into my dream of full-time professional photography. However, the experience of working on trade shows booth design, magazine ads, retail packaging design, branding and logo creation, video productions, etc. has given me a unique perspective in working on photographic projects.

I have been in the trenches as a creative director, graphic designer, retoucher, production artist, web developer, packaging designer, illustrator, videographer AND photographer. Because of this, I have a very good understanding of the restrictions, potential problems, requirements, and desires you may have for your photo project.

I have been lucky to work with a huge swath of clients, from little guys to massive corporations. Some big projects, some tiny. Here’s a sampling:

Guerrilla Gravity
Integro Insurance Brokers
Brinkman Partners
The Group Realty
Paradigm Cycle Works
REEB Cycles
Ascent Studio Climbing + Fitness
Adidas Outdoor
Black Bottle Brewery
Liberty Firearms Institute
The State of Wyoming
Organic Climbing
Marsh Insurance Brokers
The Center for Fine Art Photography (C4FAP)
Warehouse Twenty One
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Dynamic Lures
Element K (now Skillsoft)
Performance Design Products (PDP)